Who is anahi dating

21-Sep-2020 10:14

'With the passage of time, my body stopped accepting nutrition until my heart stopped.'The star appears to have made a full recovery from the illness, and in 2015, married Manuel, 36, the governor of Chiapas.As a result, many people now consider Anahi to be the First Lady of Chiapas.'The boy - named Manuel - is the first child for the striking star and her husband, Mexican politician Manuel Velasco Coello.The 33-year-old's pregnancy was well documented on her Instagram page, with the former singer turned actress regularly updating fans on her progress.Mia eventually finds out about Miguel's secret plan to seek revenge and is heartbroken.

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Her two best friends are Victoria (Vico) and Celina. When Mia and Miguel start dating, Mia begins battling her insecurities about sleeping with Miguel.She is extremely upset about Sabrina's lie and starts to hate herself for treating Miguel so horribly. One day when Mia is at the hospital seeing Miguel, he finally wakes up, though he does not remember her.He tells her he thinks he remembers his girlfriend, but says Sabrina by mistake. Eventually Miguel regains his memory and remembers all the moments he shared with Mia, during a concert while Mia sings.OK, we’re jumping the gun a little on this one, but it’s almost been 10 years since “Rebelde” first aired.

The show started in October 2004 and really helped shape the careers of some of the biggest telenovela stars. She did “Dos Hogares” in 2011, but has released several albums, including “Mi Delirio.” She has done humanitarian work, teaming up with the Secretary of Health in Mexico for a campaign called “If I can, You Can, Too.” It is meant to help children with eating disorders.

At the end of the 3rd season Miguel gives Mia an engagement ring, promising that they will be together what is the end of the mia and miguel story.